Getting Started

Do Skillworms operate like a job board ?

Nope, Skillworms is not a job board but a tiny recruitment agency, with a small team of dedicated professionals working hard in sourcing authentic and high quality jobs, to enhance the job search experience and to achieve optimistic results.

Why should I prefer Skillworms and how it is different ?

We are different in many ways, you won’t find job scams, commission-only jobs, or junk jobs. Every job listing we post at Skillworms is first examined by a real person who spends as much as 60 minutes per job making sure it meets our rigorous criteria before we serve it up to you. We do all the legwork, so just go ahead and apply for the job.

Can you be more transparent about the operations and responsibilities of Skillworms ?

Of course, just like any other recruitment agencies, we also source the jobs from reputed organizations and work to meet their requirements on one side and on the other we source the candidates, shortlist their profiles and process it manually before sending it to our client desk. We curate flexible, professional, and legitimate job opportunities and puts them into one place for you to find them easily.

Is there any chance that my current employer to know about my application ?

Absolutely not. We respect your privacy. Your information will only be shared with the specific employer with intention of connecting with you and we do it manually.

Job Related

Why the job listings are very few ?

As mentioned earlier, we are a tiny agency believing in quality over quantity. We work specifically on each job opening and give our 100% efforts, naturally our process involves more time. Our small team can only work with limited number of jobs listings. Our operations are not much automated.

Do I have to pay for every application ?

No, our services are absolutely free and you can apply for the listed jobs on our official website at no cost.

What kind of jobs are sourced by Skillworms team ?

We source all kinds of job opportunities: Full time, part-time, work from anywhere, hybrid, work from home, overseas jobs and contracts.

I am not finding any listing that matches my qualification, skills and experience ?

Skillworms is not a job portal like or Also, we are not experts and have connections in all areas, fields and industries. We have limited sources, resources and connections.

Where can I download the app for Android / Apple phones ?

We are sorry for your inconvenience; unfortunately, our presence is only on the web now. Our website is responsive, and you can access it comfortably using your smartphone.

Shop / Products / Deals

What kind of products and deals are offered in skillworms shop ?

Skillworms provides hand-curated products and deals offered by our affiliate partners Stack Commerce, Skillwise and Joyus. Skillworms do not own or deliver or have any control on any products, online courses and e-books offered through our website.

I am facing some issues after purchasing products or deals from Skillworms, how to get it resolved ?

Any purchase of the product on our is offered by our affiliate partners, so please contact the respective vendor to get it resolved.

Who is responsible for any issues arising out of affiliate products promoted by Skillworms ?

Skillworms shall not be held responsible for any issues arising out of the purchase of affiliate products promoted through our site. Please contact the respective third party vendor to get your issues resolved.

Do Skillworms process refunds ?

No. Since, all products and deals listed on Skillworms official website are offered by our affiliate partners, they have their own refund policies, so please check it on respective vendor’s website before purchasing the deal.